Singkamas FTW!

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For the past few months I’ve been so much conscious about my figure. It’s pretty hard at first but when you finally get into shape you’ll realize that’s the best decision that you ever made! I’m so desperate to get into shape and tone my muscles so that’s why I searched diet plans, exercises and other things that can help me to lose weight! My mom is very supportive, she was like “Hey, eat this (Fruits, veggies etc.) she even bought me a Jicama or Simply “Singkamas”.Image

I thought Jicama can help you gain weight because when I eat Jicama I get bloated! But, I guess I’m wrong, ‘Cause according to my research Jicama or Singkamas or Turnip is a highly nutritious vegetable and it has practically no fat content or calories and is low in sodium.

Well, Jicama is a large, bulbous root vegetable. A bulb may weigh one or two pounds and has a rough ‘n’ tough brown skin which should be peeled before eating or cooking. Inside, the flesh is white, wet and crunchy, similar to a raw potato but wetter and crunchier. The flavor is slightly sweet and a little nutty. Health Benefits of Jicama:

1.Boosts the immune system

2.Lowers cholesterol levels

3.Aids weight loss

It is also loaded of important minerals and vitamins such as : potassium, iron, calcium, and fiber.


P.S. other names for Jicama are also called yam bean, Mexican potato, Mexican turnip or singkamas!


So In love with Mint desserts :(

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So In love with Mint desserts 😦

This blog post made my day! I was looking for different mint desserts and I am glad that I found this page. 50+ of the best chocolate mint desserts! Looking forward to make or try all of ’em!

Marabou Mint Chocolate

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Marabou Mint Chocolate

Marabou Mint Krokant is ❤ ♡ ❤ ღ. I am so happy that finally I got my favorite mint chocolate and I am so thankful to my brother-in-law who went to Sweden for god knows why, kaya yan I got the chance to taste the goodness of “Marabou”, a famous Swedish chocolate. It is so Creamy and delicious! There are bits of crunchy caramel that taste just like daim and the mintiness that just rolls over my mouth. Gah, when I saw it in our fridge,I can’t resist and I end up eating it even I’m on a diet. Thank god, he created the word “exercise”!

Strawberry Coconut Smoothie

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I’ve been a smoothie Queen ever since my sister got me a Vitamix. I use it everyday primarily to whip up super healthy drinks for my Z. Since the weather has been getting warmer (although not warm enough!), I’ve made some yummy and refreshing combinations for myself!

Today was all about Strawberries + Coconut…

strawberry coconute smoothieMaking this is fairly easy. Blend the following:

1 cup of frozen strawberries (you can use fresh, but I like to freeze mine first so I can avoid using ice)

1 cup of pure silk coconut milk drink (consistency is similiar to soy milk)

1 tablespoon of canned coconut milk (this is more concentrated like a paste)

1 tablespoon of maple syrup.

strawberry coconute smoothie2To make things pretty: 1. moisten the rim of the glass with a lemon wedge 2. press rim into coconut powder.

strawberry coconute smoothie4I also enjoyed my smoothie with some coconut & raspberry macarons!

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Oh I love Strawberries

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Oh I love Strawberries

I’ve been so much in love with strawberries because of the great taste of it and I think they’re too cute to eat. Hahaha. Anyways, I’ve been searching for the nutritional value of it and some of the fast facts about ’em. Well, I’m so happy yet surprised for all the things that I found out about this fruit. 1.) It is proved by science, the daily use strengthens the immune system! 2.) Strawberries are an excellent antiseptic and anti-inflammatory agent. Strawberry suppresses the development of influenza virus. 3.) Strawberry has sugar lowering effect. Therefore, it included in the diet, diabetes. 4.) Strawberries are obviously rich in healing properties, but they are also easy to lose as it was given. Therefore, the storage of strawberries relevant than ever! And of course, best of all and my favorite is 5.) Masks of strawberries well dried can cure acne, tightens pores. etc. There’s a lot more that you’ll find out when you try to research about this food! I’m sure you’ll gonna love it too!

Enjoy a healthy diet ^_^

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Enjoy a healthier lifestyle

Last Wednesday we made a healthy, nutritious and delicious dish! We made Chef’s salad and Buttered veggies. Although I’m not a big fan of veggies, I can’t resist to take a bite and taste it. I was so surprised that they tasted great and to think that it’s very nutritious. For now, I’d rather eat veggies than cheating on my diet and suffering the consequences.

Hell ya!

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Hell ya!

“People who love to eat are always the BEST people” Okay, I can’t totally explain why but when I saw this I was like “Hell ya, this is crazy” ’cause for me, I have proof that this is true. I met a lot of people who are so much into food and their personalities are awesome. Maybe, great food comes into great mind and expressed by a great person! It’s nice to know that good food not only comes into our belly and make us look fat but also it comes into our minds and give us more knowledge and wisdom to become a better person.

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