Oh I love Strawberries

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Oh I love Strawberries

I’ve been so much in love with strawberries because of the great taste of it and I think they’re too cute to eat. Hahaha. Anyways, I’ve been searching for the nutritional value of it and some of the fast facts about ’em. Well, I’m so happy yet surprised for all the things that I found out about this fruit. 1.) It is proved by science, the daily use strengthens the immune system! 2.) Strawberries are an excellent antiseptic and anti-inflammatory agent. Strawberry suppresses the development of influenza virus. 3.) Strawberry has sugar lowering effect. Therefore, it included in the diet, diabetes. 4.) Strawberries are obviously rich in healing properties, but they are also easy to lose as it was given. Therefore, the storage of strawberries relevant than ever! And of course, best of all and my favorite is 5.) Masks of strawberries well dried can cure acne, tightens pores. etc. There’s a lot more that you’ll find out when you try to research about this food! I’m sure you’ll gonna love it too!


Enjoy a healthy diet ^_^

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Enjoy a healthier lifestyle

Last Wednesday we made a healthy, nutritious and delicious dish! We made Chef’s salad and Buttered veggies. Although I’m not a big fan of veggies, I can’t resist to take a bite and taste it. I was so surprised that they tasted great and to think that it’s very nutritious. For now, I’d rather eat veggies than cheating on my diet and suffering the consequences.

Hell ya!

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Hell ya!

“People who love to eat are always the BEST people” Okay, I can’t totally explain why but when I saw this I was like “Hell ya, this is crazy” ’cause for me, I have proof that this is true. I met a lot of people who are so much into food and their personalities are awesome. Maybe, great food comes into great mind and expressed by a great person! It’s nice to know that good food not only comes into our belly and make us look fat but also it comes into our minds and give us more knowledge and wisdom to become a better person.

Macaron de Paris – Bizu Patisserie

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Macaron de Paris - Bizu Patisserie

Bizu Macarons is to die for. I maybe on a diet but I can’t resist the goodness of this macarons, because it’s so good and it has a great flavors like Rose Lychee, Espresso Con Panna, Dark Chocolate, Raspberry, Passionfruit and Milk chocolate, Dulce de Leche, Madagascar Vanilla, Italian Pistachio, Caramel Fleur de Sel, Hazelnut and White truffle, Lime and French Earl Grey and Almond. The outside texture is so great, it’s so crisp and it has a soft crème ganache and ground almonds in the middle. Diba?! I mean sino ba naman hindi mag eenjoy sa sarap nito!

Itsy bitsy ME!

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553351_4257091547094_80120608_nSo, Finally, almost done editing this page. yay! Thanks to my very own friend, Stephy. She’s been a very big help to me creating this account! Actually, I don’t know how to start blogging ’cause frankly speaking I am not a professional blogger and I’ve never done this before so, it’s pretty hard at first. I just love to share my thoughts, perspective, and of course, the greatness of food, but before anything else I would love to share “something” about the “blogger” or let’s just say, simply about me. haha. So here it goes’

For the 20 years of my existence, I’ve been so much in love with food. My mom is a great cook, she’s so amazing that even a simply dish can be a sumptuous one. Gah. She’s really good! So, at a very young age I easily appreciated the greatness of food. Haha. Anyways, When it comes to my personality, Sometimes, they are saying that I’m “mataray”, “suplada” pero it’s not like that. I know that I am a shy type person at first but when you get along with me I’m pretty sure that you will enjoy my company and maybe you’ll gonna say that “What the heck, She’s crazy” haha. My goal in life is to be with a worthy young man who is a returned missionary of the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints and of course, have the guts to ask me to marry him in the temple and build an eternal family. I love our savior Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father. I know that they are with me all the time and I am so much thankful for that. Oh, there’s one more thing, I am proud to be an LDS. 🙂


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Live life out loud.


Enjoy yourself. Food is a reward